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Snowtube Catapult

The snow tube catapult opens doors for a completely new generation of amusement rides and attractions. The snow tube catapult is no classic “roller coaster” where the carts follow a fixed route. The snow tubes are launched by the snow tube catapult which shoots them upon a ramp. Snowtube Catapult 1 Snowtube Catapult A completely new dimension for amusement parks opens up thanks to the snow tube catapult. There is no longer need for large distance descents to create speed. As from now the speed can be realized from a ground level. This results into a huge save on infrastructure and on top of that it increases the fun part of the launch. The launch itself creates an extra adrenaline rush! The snow tube catapult is designed specifically for indoor snow tube theme parks. The catapult makes that you don’t need a big height difference anymore to make speed with the snow tubes. The catapult is set horizontal to the ground and shoots out the snow tubes. These can be projected in the direction of a ramp, a kicker, a jumper etc. The snow tube catapult can also be used to make a jump into the air using a ramp and landing safely into a foam box or pit. Like a kind of “snow tube big air”. Snowtube Catapult 2 Snowtube Catapult The snow tubes of the snow tube catapult The snow tube catapult is built in order to be able to shoot away most types of the snow tubes. It is not necessary to adapt the existing snow tubes. The same tubes from the outdoor can be used. The bottom of the snow tubes is made out of UHDPE, the same fabric as the base of snowboards. UHDPE or “Ultra High Density Polyethylene” combines very good sliding characteristics and a long lifespan. The launch pad The launch pad of the AirBock snow tube catapult is made out of inflatable tire. This tire feels comfortable and is extremely safe. Snowtube Catapult 3 Snowtube Catapult Use of the Snow tube catapult: “Snow Tube Pinball” The snow tube pinball is the newest “amusement ride” of AirBock. This indoor attraction is suitable for all ages and according to our market research a smash hit! The snow tube pinball combines the patented snow tube catapult with a ramp designed as a pinball game. The snow tube catapult acts as the plunger of a normal pinball game Once you are launched you get fired to the top of the Snow Tube Pinball. Next follows the descent, where you, like in a real pin ball machine or pin ball game, get swung away against the different bumpers. After the descent follows either a new start or a soft landing in the “foam pit”. The ramp of the Snow Tube Pinball is covered with dry slopes, these are safe to fall and walk on. These dry slopes lay on a thick layer of foam which makes you land soft in case someone would fall off the snow tube. The Snow Tube Pinball can already be constructed on a surface area of 150 m². Although the most economic surface would be 200 m², so the theme can be spread out widely and a foam pit can be incorporated to the ramp. The size of the Snow Tube Pinball however is unlimited, on a surface of e.g. 300 – 400 m² more snow tube catapults and foam boxes can be incorporated. The themes to decorate the Snow Tube Pinball are inexhaustible!! Snowtube Catapult 4 Snowtube Catapult The Snow Tube Pinball can be decorated both with unlicensed themes and licensed themes (Disney®, Pixar®, etc.). The great advantage of the snow tube pinball is that it can be adapted relatively easy, while the basic infrastructure remains unchanged. Similar to a real pinball game the animations switch according to the new theme, while the hardware remains the same. With hardware we mean the ramp, the active bumpers, the catapult, etc. This remodelling can be done annually or every 2 to 3 years. Different parts of the Snow Tube Pinball: Active/pop bumpers The active bumpers are mushroom shaped and will be placed on the slope. The edges of the pop bumpers are made out of inflatable cushions and can be illuminated. The cushions are designed to fire away the snow tubes when they hit into them. An internal sensor makes sure the animation of the active bumper is activated when there is a collision. The animation is a combination of light and sound effect and can be combined with a board to keep the score. Passive bumpers The passive bumpers serve to slow down the snow tubes and are used at the sides and the end of the ramp. The passive bumpers are made out of inflatable PVC tubes, which make them particularly suitable to create a themed environment for the Snow Tube Pinball. The roulette wheel The roulette wheel is situated in the middle of the track and turns around slowly. As soon as the snow tubes enter the roulette wheel, the roulette wheel causes the snow tubes to change direction. The snow tube drain The snow tube drain canalizes all tubes back to the Snow Tube Catapult to be ready for the next launch. The snow tube contains a shutter that can open. The shutter is connected with the foam pit. As soon as the foam pit is empty and safe a snow tube can land onto it, this will cause an extra sensation. The foam pit The foam pit gives an extra dimension to the Snow Tube Pinball. The foam pit consists of more than 10,000 foam blocks that are piled up in a box of 2m deep. The snow tubes land into the foam pit through an automatic gate and a small ramp. To fall into the foam pit on a tube is a sensational experience! Even a fall from 3 meters high is completely painless. After the fall the participants have to climb out of the pit before a new snow tube can fall into the pit. Because of that the foam pit can be used as a special game mode and is therefore foreseen of the necessary illumination. The foam pit is locked by a gate which only opens when there is no one in the foam pit. Snowtube Catapult 5 Snowtube Catapult Why invest in the Snow Tube Pinball of Airbock? Unique and new!! The Snow Tube pinball is unique and new! Snow tubing indoor in combination with snow tube catapult is completely new and thrilling! All ages. The snow Tube Pinball attracts all ages. Sliding is a part of us since childhood and is therefore not age related. Total safety. All security systems of the Snow Tube Pinball are made in duplicate and are tested and certified carefully by Al Vincotte. High capacity. Thanks to the patented snow tube catapult the Snow Tube Pinball has a capacity between 200 and 250 passes per hour per catapult. Easy implantation. The snow tube can already be implanted with a surface of 150 m² and a minimum difference in height of 5 m. Low operational costs. The operational cost of the dry slopes is nil compared to the cost of snowmaking. The buildings don’t need to be cooled and there is no need to maintain the artificial snow. The expenses of the snow catapult are very low as well. Snowtube Catapult 6 Snowtube Catapult Remodelling the theme. Like in a real pinball game the animations switch according to the new theme, while the hardware remains the same. Each innovation creates a new wave of attraction which makes it ideal for theme parks!


Snow Tube Catapult

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