Buy a AirBock Freestyle Airbag

The AirBock Freestyle Airbag comes in standard dimensions, and depending on your advertising needs, we can make you a competitive offer. Please contact one of our sales offices for more information.

Training and Education
For every airbag we sell, we provide a full-day training course for your team members and staff. The topics we cover during our full-day training are the following:

  • Safety and safe operations
  • Setup and inflation of the airbag
  • Electrical systems and fine-tuning
  • Maintenance of the airbag
  • Storage of the airbag

After the training day, our instructors will provide an AirBock certificate to all the participants.

18/03/2016: AirBock Extreme is opening the wakeboarding season


AirBock 2016 wakeboarding

We verhuren onze wakeboardboot per dag of per weekend. In 2015 hebben we weer verschillende vrijgezellenfeestjes en bedrijfsfeesten mogen organiseren op de Snepkaai.


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