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Sochi Snowboarding: Get Ready as It’s about to Begin Snowboard freestyle training Sochi 2014 The year 2014 shall be such a busy one for the sports industry. The energy levels are very high, the teamsare in their A-game positions, and the rest are more than ready to travel even thousands of miles just to catch their favorite sport. For those who want to see a different side of Russia, experience its “summer capital,” and, most of all, have the best sports days of their lives, they can catch the Sochi snowboarding competition for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Hmm . Australia's Scotty James performs a jump during the men's snowboard slopestyle semi-final competition at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor Australia’s Scotty James performs a jump during the men’s snowboard slopestyle semi-final competition at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor . . Where Is Sochi?
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2014 snowboard olympics Sochi is part of the Krai, Russia, in the city of Krasnodar. It is already very close to the Black Sea and almost shares a border with Georgia. It covers more than 1,300 square miles, but what makes it more fascinating is its length. The city itself covers more than 140 square kilometers or over 85 square miles, making it the longest in Russia.
Australian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014 Australian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014
Normally when one thinks of Russia, he immediately imagines intense snow and very cold weather. But it isn’t just about the bitter cold. A great proof is Sochi, which, contrary to most parts of the country, enjoys a subtropical climate. This means that the weather is usually mild—not too hot, not too cold.
Maelle Ricker, Dominique Maltais Maelle Ricker, Dominique Maltais
It has more than 250 bright days. It does not come as a surprise anymore why it is commonly referred to as the summer capital. The presence of various resorts also makes it very attractive among tourists, both domestic and international. Every year the city swells to no less than 4 million, and this accounts for visitors alone.
qualification for the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics snowboard slopestyle qualification for the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics snowboard slopestyle
Attractions are thriving in the city. All around tourists can see old buildings that were inspired by Stalin’s period, fortresses, temples, and the official summer residence of Stalin. Museums and memorials such as Sochi Art Museum and Museum of Sochi Sport Honour are abundant as well.
McMorris flies high McMorris flies high
Wide open spaces and parks the likes of Frunze and Riviera boas of well-manicured lawns and buzzing activity. Most definitely, though, the highlight of Sochi for this year—and even in the years to come—will be the 2014 Winter Olympics, where it plays host to a lot of games including snowboarding in Russia.
Maxence Parrot Maxence Parrot
Sochi Snowboarding: Breaking Conventions Russia has always been considered a formidable force in the international arena as far as sports is concerned. Certainly it also is not new in Winter Olympic games, which actually have more than 80 years of history. In fact, Russia itself holds regular and annual winter competitions such as the Winter Meeting, a track and field competition that is held indoors every February, the same month of the 2014 Winter Olympics and snowboarding in Sochi, Russia. So what makes this year incredibly different? Winter Olympics is held in various countries, but it’s never been to Russia—until this year, 2014.. Most of all, the choice of venue is something a lot of people did not expect. Ever since it has been introduced in the later years of the 1980s, snowboarding has become one of the favorite winter sports in the country.
The typical snowboarding competition is composed of a series of 10 games, participated by men and women separately. The Sochi 2014 snowboarding will include the Sochi World Cup snowboarding halfpipe and Sochi snowboard cross. The half pipe course may appear quite simple, but it requires a great skill of technical and creative skill. The player needs to gain a lot of momentum through the slope, travel over the pipe’s rim found on the other side, and while in the air perform some of the best tricks he or she can muster. Sochi freestyle training The snowboard cross, meanwhile, is usually played by groups of men or women.
Switzerland's Meiler, Gulini of U.S., France's Loccoz, France's Trespeuch, Samkova of Czech Republic compete during the women's snowboard cross semi-finals at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor Switzerland’s Meiler, Gulini of U.S., France’s Loccoz, France’s Trespeuch, Samkova of Czech Republic compete during the women’s snowboard cross semi-finals at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor
It is one of the most challenging winter games for the simple reason that it lasts for a couple of days. During the game, the players need to beat the various obstacles and perform jumps, among others, in the desire to get the best Sochi World Cup snowboarding results in the qualifying rounds. This does not result to elimination, but it determines who gets first, second, etc. in the final groups.
Snow Boarding Snow Boarding
The next stage then involves the leaders running the same course all together. The results shall identify who moves on to the finals. Other snowboarding games include parallel slalom, which is played by descending on a slope by passing around markers designated by colored flags. Two players run parallel from each other, and the first one that reaches the end first advances to the next stage until the winner is proclaimed. Big Air snowboad area Sochi 2014 Since different games require different set of skills, the equipment used is never the same. For example, the Sochi World Cup snowboarding halfpipe must be versatile enough to allow played to perform different aerial tricks. Cross snowboarding, on the other hand, needs a board that increases the player’s speed.
snowboard-cross-sochi-11a snowboard-cross-sochi-11a
Why Sochi? There are actually a lot of great reasons why Sochi is a great choice for snowboarding competition this 2014 Winter Olympics. First, it has an excellent ski resort, the Rosa Khutor. It covers a large area that is specially designed for skiing and snowboarding. It sits near a river and features quaint villages that are of European feel. From the spacious modern hotel, spectators can be brought up the mountains through a gondola. February is also a winter month, and in the Greater Sochi, it means the mountains are just ripe for skiing. But then other parts of the city enjoy only partly covered snows that tourists and residents do not have to make use of any winter tires.
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - best wipeouts norways-staale-s Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 – best wipeouts norways-staale-s
This also then allows spectators and even athletes to enjoy some down time in the many restaurants, landmarks, theaters, and other entertainment districts of the city. For those who like quick trips to other places, Sochi is a great gateway to Georgia, where visa can be bought cheaply upon entry. Besides, Sochi gives you a whole new perspective about Russia. After all there are a lot of things about it that are not covered by mainstream media. Sochi 2014 Snowboarding The upcoming Sochi Snowboard World Cup in 2014 is not without any significant highlights and controversies. One of these is its price tag. At more than $50 billion, this year’s Winter Olympics is said to be one of the costliest, if not the most expensive, in history. It’s more than what Vancouver paid for in 2010 and even beyond what China spent for its summer games last 2008.
Most of the money shall come from the government as it’s fully supported by Vladimir Putin, who’s even planning to visit Sochi to personally check on the progress. Although some infrastructures are already in place, most will have to be built from scratch. 2014 Sochi Half Pipe Whether the news is surprising, frustrating, or exciting—it doesn’t matter. The Sochi snowboarding 2013/2014 is one event you should never miss.
Switzerland's Lucien Koch crashes during the men's slopestyle snowboarding qualifying session at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor Switzerland’s Lucien Koch crashes during the men’s slopestyle snowboarding qualifying session at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor
The Winter Olympics 2014 will run from February 6 to 23, 2014. The opening and closing ceremonies are both scheduled at Fisht Olympic Stadium. In between there will be flower ceremonies, which will be held right after the medals have been awarded to the winners. They are going to happen on the actual competition venues. The victory ceremonies are scheduled on the competition venues as well. Some of the awarding ceremonies are also scheduled on the closing ceremony day, which is on February 23. These include the cross-country skiing.
Olympics: M/L Snowboading Slopestyle Training Olympics: M/L Snowboading Slopestyle Training
As for the Sochi snowboarding competition, there will be a total of 10 events, including slopestyle, halfpipe, snowboard cross, and parallel slalom. The competition begins with the qualification rounds for both men and women at 10:00 a.m. on February 6. Two days after shall be the semi-final round for men’s slopestyle at 9:30 a.m. On the same day shall be their final competition. The next day will be the women’s turn. The semi-final is scheduled at 10:30 a.m. while the finals will be at 1:15 p.m. On the same day is also the beginning of the halfpipe qualification round for men. The halfpipe competitions will then be followed by snowboard cross, parallel giant slalom, and parallel slalom. All Sochi snowboarding events and other skiing disciplines will be held at Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort, one of the most prestigious villages in the country. Found in the Aibga Ridge, it has already played host to other sports contests like FIS Skiing World Cup in 2011 and 2013 Para Snowboard. It has a total capacity of 7,500 with a competition track that spans around 20 kilometers.
Snowboard - Winter Olympics Day 1 Snowboard – Winter Olympics Day 1
Designed by Bernard Russi, the resort has world-class facilities for downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and combined games. The other games will be at the newly constructed Olympic Park, which is also found in Sochi. It is grand sports village that is composed of the Maly and Bolshoi ice palaces, curling center, speed skating center, and short trek center. The Bolshoi Ice Palace and Figure Skating and Short Trek Center will have the most number of seats at 12,000. It will also have a leisure park, a university campus, and a track that can be used for Formula 1 races. As common among Olympic games, the park will also build an Olympic Village, where attendees, committees, volunteers, and spectators can gather together. The organizing committee has also identified live sites. These are places where spectators can watch comfortably the live feeds of various games, should they not be able to come into the venue anymore. Aside from broadcasting, live sites would also host entertainment like concerts. Get On Board Now! The 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia and the Sochi snowboarding competition is something you shouldn’t dare miss. To make sure that you can truly have a grand time, take note of these tips: 1. Book in advance. Russia is expecting a lot of people to come in during the event. Moreover, although Sochi has many accommodation options, not all of them will be near the ski resort.
U.S. snowboarder Shaun White goes off a jump during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor U.S. snowboarder Shaun White goes off a jump during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor
That’s why you are advised to book your room as early as possible. This also ensures you can take advantage of whatever reservation discounts the hotel may offer for early booking. 2. Get your tickets too. You can now buy the tickets from the official website: You may receive it through mail or online. Either way, you buy tickets according to events. It’s necessary too that you bring the ticket with you at all times, since you will not be allowed to enter the venue without one. 3. Visit the website often. Russia, especially Sochi, has truly prepared for the Winter Olympics, but then a lot of things can still change from today until February 6. So you don’t miss out on any news, you are advised to subscribe to the website and regularly check the pages for any updates on schedules, venues, and even tickets. 4. Dress accordingly. Sochi has been called the summer capital, but February is actually its winter season, and thus, the temperature can definitely drop significantly.
Wipeouts Galore in Olympic Snowboard-Cross Wipeouts Galore in Olympic Snowboard-Cross
Thus, bring along some jackets, boots, and other comfortable clothing and accessory that will guarantee to keep you warm, particularly if you’re planning to see the Sochi snowboarding games. 5. Plan your days ahead. There’s no such thing as a foolproof plan, but it makes you more ready to tackle potential challenges that can dampen your holiday. Sochi has added a new train station, and the Olympic Park isn’t so far from the international airport. Nevertheless, get to know how to get to different points ahead of time. Arrive at the venues early as well since security checks can take some time. 6. Beware of knock-offs and fakes.
U.S. snowboarder Shaun White goes off a jump during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi U.S. snowboarder Shaun White goes off a jump during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi
The 2014 Winter Olympics is hot, which makes it a great come-on for scammers and anyone offering knock-offs. If you’re planning to buy some souvenirs, get them at the Olympic village or any accredited store. Know where to get the tickets as well. 7. Enjoy but stay safe. The government is working really hard to make the upcoming Winter Olympics and Sochi snowboarding contests enjoyable and safe, but it’s also your responsibility to do your part.

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