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What is your adventure? For others, perhaps it is getting married and building a family while for some it is finding new work in another state or getting promoted to a more challenging task. For thousands of people, it means competing and having fun in their favourite extreme sports whether it is snowboarding or BMX riding.

But in any kind of adventure, there are challenges and risks. A number of them you can’t control but most can be avoided or reduced if you use some extra protection. As far as X-games are concerned, you should always consider getting an airbag.

Air Bag a Big Hit Air Bag a Big Hit

Why Use an Airbag?

Some might say, “Airbags just remove the element of thrill or excitement in doing a stunt.” Well, nothing spells disaster than putting yourself on the line since even the best players in the world have injured themselves and spent many months trying to recover. Others never got back the same groove they have.

In other words, the airbag allows you to pursue your passion safely. It does not interfere in your performance at all. However, it makes sure that you will have a lot of fun, you can entertain your audience, and compete properly without having to worry about your landing or even fall.

Airbag for FMX! Motorcycle Airbag Airbag for FMX! Motorcycle Airbag

You see, the landing or falling itself is not what is dangerous but what happens to you upon impact. The force may be too great for your body to bear.

The airbag does not remove the impact, but it softens it to avoid or significantly reduce the chances of moderate to serious injuries. Some airbags have guards so you do not accidentally slide off the airbag, therefore adding extra protection.

But that is not the only use of the airbag. You also need it for training. Yes, the likes of Olympic Games athletes do their stunts, whether old or new, with the use of airbags. Again, they do not provide interference but rather make you feel more confident as you know you have a place to land properly after—literally.

airbag stunt BAGJUMP Greg Roe airbag stunt BAGJUMP Greg Roe

Get It from Bag Jump

As more X games organizers, players, amateurs, beginners, hobbyists, and even parents realize the huge role airbags play with regard to safety, more manufacturers are creating airbags to meet the demand.

BagJump is one of the very few that address the need since 2006. The team behind it have been working closely not only with those who are involved in X Games but also people who are into entertainment like those who are in charge of stunts!

Through their excellent partnership with these groups, as well as their experience, technical knowledge, expertise, and passion and desire to offer premium-quality product to their audience, they have created a wide variety of airbags, some of which you will learn in a while.
big air bag jump bag inflatable air bladder big air bag jump bag inflatable air bladder

BagJump has always been committed to provide a reliable, safe, and well-designed airbag. That is why they remain proactive when it comes to ensuring the safety of these airbags. They possess adequate international certifications, work with companies that are ISO recognized and certified, and provide a detailed logbook to help users know how to correctly install and maintain the airbag. They also have a core team who trains users not only to guarantee safety but to also extend the life of the product.

If these are not enough, the company is covered by a good insurance policy, and they will be more than happy to provide you with the details upon inquiry, purchase, or rental.
big air bag ski jump, bag jump big air bag ski jump, bag jump

What Are Your Options?

When it comes to airbags from BagJump, it is always about options, and that is a good thing because you want to put your investment and other resources on the product that meets your needs, budget, and expectations.

The products of BagJump are classified into:


  • Basic
  • Family
  • Specials

big air bag big air bag


The All-round Airbags are the ones that are highly recommended for intermediate, advanced, and professional users. Thus, they are also ideal for competitions including Olympic Games.

Under the All-round Airbags, you can choose among Grande, Ample, Bantam Ext, and Bantam. The Grande is certainly one of the biggest, which has a landing area spanning 400 square meters! Because of its hugeness, it is not advisable to keep on dismounting them; this is perfect for those who are looking for a permanent installation.

The Ample, meanwhile, is designed to cater to different sports disciplines such as skiing, BMX riding, and snowtubing. It can handle even off-center landings.
Blue mountain air bag jump AB Blue mountain air bag jump AB

The Bantam Ext is what you’re looking for, for an excellent and safe free drop. It still remains efficient in its job even if you’ve fallen 50 meters above the ground. It also allows you to recover quickly from the fall you can do at most two jumps per minute.

Under All-round collections, you can also use:

Removable topsheet (especially if you’re planning offer available space for advertising)

  • Ramps for a more convenient way of going down
  • Blowers to keep the air inside the bag
  • Torpedo valves that help control air pressure

freestyle bag jump bike freestyle bag jump bike

The Basic airbags are designed for beginners, amateurs, or intermediate players. They are usually significantly smaller than the All-round, so they’re also easier to transport. The smallness also means that only one person can use it one at a time, thereby reducing some situations that only introduce injuries. These bags are advisable in small amusement or public parks such as those set up by communities.

Your choices include the following:

Splay 1.0

  • Splay 1.2
  • Splay 1.4

There are also airbags that come highly recommended for indoor facilities and are proven to be safe for users of all ages, including children. These airbags are called NIPS.

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre airbag demonstration Kevin Hoff. Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre airbag demonstration Kevin Hoff

There are a number of distinctive features of NIPS airbags:

  • They have a low height unlike the other airbags, so even if the user bounces from the bag, he or she doesn’t get harmed by having his or her head touch the ceiling or other higher parts of the venue. This also makes the airbags great for indoor use such as a gym or an indoor play park.
  • They don’t have guards but rather walls. This is to ensure when the user jumps and for some reason he or she accelerates, he or she doesn’t end up slamming on the other wall.
  • They don’t have the catapult effect. Have you ever seen how a catapult works? When you’re thrown, the height and the force in which you’re thrown may accelerate you. This can be detrimental if there are many using the airbags since they may accelerate and bump into you, thereby multiplying the number of people that gets injured. Since the airbags don’t have that effect, they are capable of simultaneous landing.

BagJump also offers Specials. They can be used in conjunction with the other standard airbags and can be considered as a way of upgrading the setup.
/2015/03/Mountain-Creek-Bagjump.jpg”>Mountain Creek Bagjump Mountain Creek Bagjump

These include:

  • Foampits, which can be used alongside trampolines and facilities with gymnastics classes. The impact is gradual, reducing injuries.
  • Super Vert, which is meant for those who want to play, train, or compete in the half-pipes. They are ideal for snowboarding, skiing, and skating.
  • Ramp landing, which is good if you want to be fully secured through and through; from top to bottom, there’s the solid foam to minimize impacts and injuries.

If you want extra, extra safety, BagJump has Pro-tech High Speed. This is definitely for those who want to perform death-defying matches, such as bikers who participated in Red Bull No Limits. The biker usually begins on higher and farther position. If he or she doesn’t make it into the top of the ramp, then there’s Pro-tech High Speed to catch and reduce the impact of crashing at intense speed.

You can also purchase accessories, but they are meant mainly for maintenance. When you buy or rent the units, you’re given everything that you’re going to need so you can operate the airbags professionally and with a very high degree of safety and confidence.

Mountain Creek Bike Park 2 Mountain Creek Bike Park 2

How to Choose the Right Airbag

There’s no such thing as a definite best airbag since each of these is designed with a specific use in mind. The right one is the airbag that suits your needs, budget, and preferences to a T.

To help you evaluate these airbags, you can use the following questions as your guide:

Where are you planning to use it?

  • Who are the intended users?
  • Is it going to be a permanent or a temporary structure?
  • How much are you willing to spend for it?
  • How long are you planning to use it?
  • Will it play a central role in your advertising or sponsorship strategies?

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to contact the team as well as they are more than happy to help you choose.
Mountain Creek Bike Park Mountain Creek Bike Park

Should You Rent or Buy?

Here’s great news if you’re interested in using an airbag from BagJump: the company gives you the option whether to rent or buy it. So which one is it?

Sometimes you do get overwhelmed when you’re faced with two equally good choices. If you need help, refer to this checklist:

  • How much money do you have? Better yet, how much can you allot for an airbag? Airbags as great as these often don’t come very cheap, but it’s simply because you’re getting something valuable in return. In fact, costs should be least of your concerns when choosing an airbag. A great airbag always returns your investments in many fold.


  • How long are you planning to use it? The key here is duration and frequency. If you’re operating a ski resort, it’s possible that you’re not open all seasons of the year. If you buy the airbag, then know that in days you are closed, you are spending for its maintenance even if it’s not generating income for you.

pit airbag pit airbag

  • Do you wish to maintain it? At some point, you need to do the maintenance of these airbags yourself even when you’re just renting. The good thing is the maintenance doesn’t really last for a long time unlike when you own the airbag. BagJump airbags, nevertheless, have been designed to be convenient to maintain and set up as long as you follow the instructions found in the log book.


  • Where are you living? BigJump has offices in two locations: Austria and the United States. But regardless of where you are, the team can send an airbag your way. Here’s the thing, however. If you rent it then you’re living quite far from these places, and you’re planning to use the airbag for quite some time, it may be impractical. In other words, buying may be a better option if you’re far from these offices, you want to use the airbags for a couple of years, and you don’t want to spend too much on shipping costs.

Snowboard, Ski and FreeDrop Snowboard, Ski and FreeDrop

These Bags Help You in Advertising

Holding an event or a competition, as well as using the airbag, can be such a problem when it comes to finances. Unless you’re big time like Red Bull or Mountain Dew, it’s hard to pay for marketing, freebies for participants, personnel, and a whole lot more of related expenses.

However, there’s a way to it: advertise! What this means is that you can sell the space available in your airbag to sponsors and other advertisers, even big-time ones like what we mentioned a while ago. You don’t have to worry about changing advertisers or getting sponsorships if the airbags are simply for rent since they’re made of removable top sheets. Ergo, they are meant to be changed from time to time. Removing the top sheet and using a new one doesn’t in any way affect the reliability and safety of the airbag. It’s basically like the skin. Dead skin cells have to be removed, but then the components of your body’s largest organ remain the same.

Brian Head Resort activities Brian Head Resort activities

The team of BagJump is always ready to help you. They can serve as your consultants when you’re trying to set up an event.

BagJump provides more than just an airbag for protection. With their skills and expertise, they give you the opportunity to enjoy the sport you like without fear.

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