Technical Performance of the Catapult

We are the only professional catapult builder in the extreme sport industry, and we are the first company with a worldwide patent on the catapult.  

AirBock-Railjam-catapult AirBock-Railjam-catapult

We build and maintain our catapults to the highest safety and quality standards, which makes them extremely rugged and very high performing. All our catapults are event proof and can be used in all weather conditions. The design, manufacturing, and assembly of our catapults are all done in our Belgian factory in Munkzwalm.

For the inspection and technical certification, we work together with AIB Vincotte, a renowned partner for certifications. The snowboard catapult has a total length of 30 meters, which can increase to 45 meters for extreme freestyle events. This length creates the necessary wow effect for the audience. The grandstands can be placed at both sides of the catapult so the public is very close to the launch, giving the public a clear sense of the rider’s speed.  

All the critical parts of the catapult are carefully monitored during the production process and are inspected and approved by two different internal quality controllers before final assembly.  

Indeed, our AirBock catapult is extremely fun and safe. The main parts of the AirBock catapult are:  

The starting stage

The rail box

The launching platform

The inflatable side tubes

The AirBock adjustable kicker

The landing area

The launching menu

The emergency platform brake

18/03/2016: AirBock Extreme is opening the wakeboarding season


AirBock 2016 wakeboarding

We verhuren onze wakeboardboot per dag of per weekend. In 2015 hebben we weer verschillende vrijgezellenfeestjes en bedrijfsfeesten mogen organiseren op de Snepkaai.


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