Technical performance of the freestyle airbag

We are industry professionals with a lot of experience in technical textiles. We only use the best PVC-coated vinyl. As a result, all our airbags are extremely rugged and high performing.

AirBock-AirBag-exit-slide1 AirBock-AirBag-exit-slide1

We manufacture our airbags up to the highest safety standards issued by the European Norm EN14960. The assembly of all the critical parts of the airbags is carefully monitored during the production process and needs to be inspected and approved by two different internal quality controllers. During this process our controllers verify that all seams are double-stitched and that all the stress areas are properly reinforced with the required number of extra PVC layers and stitches.

The AirBock Freestyle Airbag is designed in such a way that all the horizontal and vertical impact energy is absorbed during a freefall or a motion jump.

Main Parts of the AirBock Freestyle Airbag:

Main landing airbag

Safety airbag

Air release system

Safeguard tube

Replaceable top sheet

Pressure power station

Easy exit slides

Anchoring system

Average number of jumps per minute

Advantages of the pressure power station

Extended landing path

Switching from the AirBock airbag to real snow

AirBock airbag versus a foam pit

18/03/2016: AirBock Extreme is opening the wakeboarding season


AirBock 2016 wakeboarding

We verhuren onze wakeboardboot per dag of per weekend. In 2015 hebben we weer verschillende vrijgezellenfeestjes en bedrijfsfeesten mogen organiseren op de Snepkaai.


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