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Waterpark Catapult The waterpark catapult is a special variant of the snowboard catapult. Through the expertise Airbock gained with the snowboard catapult we developed a lighter variant. The “waterpark catapult” which can launch “fun tubes” or “water tubes”. Everyone is familiar with the image of the spectacular “splash-down rides”. These waterpark attractions create speed by dropping a tube or toboggan from a high altitude into a water tank. Fun guaranteed! AirBock is changed around this story, the splash-up ride!! The tube is launched with increasing speed into a waterslide or against a water wall, or is launched on a wave pool. Waterpark Catapult 1 Waterpark Catapult The catapult is situated just beneath the water surface, which makes the launch even more spectacular. Because of the catapult being a few centimetres beneath the surface, two fountains spray upwards out of the sides of the tube during the launch. The catapult is built at ground level which makes the launch highly visible for spectators. This makes the waterpark catapult a perfect fit for theme parks. The waterpark catapult can be built in an existing pool, provided that some adjustments are made. Because the waterpark catapult is permanently under water, all parts are made out of stainless material. The waterpark catapult gives you a double sensation! The sensation of being launched upwards and the thrill of the ride back down. Waterpark Catapult 2 Waterpark Catapult The waterpark catapult is mainly intended for outdoor waterparks. Following configurations are possible for the waterpark catapult:

  1. In combination with a rational water slide.

The waterpark catapult is set up at the bottom of the water slide, from where you get launched into the air using a fun tube or tube. Once you reach the top of the waterslide in the fun tube, a normal descent follows. This is double fun! Both launch and descent are fun and you don’t need to climb any stairs.   In combination with a water wall. This is the somewhat more spectacular setup of the waterpark catapult. The waterpark catapult is set up at the bottom of the water wall. Using this setup you get launched 20 to 25 m into the sky! When the gravity is again stronger than your launching speed you get drawn back down. The landing takes place in a pool that has at least the same width of the water wall. Waterpark Catapult 3 Waterpark Catapult   In combination with a water slide funnel. This is without a doubt the most spectacular setup! The waterpark catapult ends up in a giant funnel. The launch shoots you at a high speed into the funnel where you turn around a few times to finally drop through a hole in the middle right into the pool. In combination with a wave pool. The combination where the waterpark catapult setup is combined with a wave pool is still in development, but will probably be a gigantic crowd-pleaser. Using this setup the fun tubes are launched straight onto the water surface. The fun tubes will bounce different times onto the water surface before coming to stand. The waves provide extra excitement and will cause several tilt fun when bouncing!! No-sissy-stuff!   The fun tubes of AirBock The fun tubes used for the waterpark catapult have a soft bottom. These waterpark tubes are exclusively developed by Airbock. Airbock did several tests using lots of tubes using “safety” as prime criteria. These tubes with soft bottom are by far the best selection for the waterpark catapult. These tubes have standard sizes and are made out of sturdy nylon. Safety!                          The waterpark catapult is equipped with various safety systems that ensure the catapult can be used safe under all circumstances. All visible parts are lined with soft material in order to make sure that every contact with the catapult is harmless. All electric systems of the water park catapult are CE approved and certified by AIB Vincotte, a reputable company regarding inspection and certification. All mechanical parts of the emergency brake system are made in duplicate and are tested and certified carefully by AIB Vincotte. Fun for all ages! Waterpark Catapult 4 Waterpark Catapult The big advantage of the waterpark catapult is that it can be set at different launching speeds. The user itself can, in a simple way, choose at which speed he wants to be launched. Since the speed can be set from relatively slow to “challenging fast”, the waterpark catapult is accessible to all age categories. Children from the age of 7 can make a relatively slow start without any risk. Youngsters between 14 and 20 years old can choose for their own if they want a slow or fast start. The speed can also be set by a monitor/supervisor who determines who can be launched fast or slow in function of age, size, swimming experience, etc. Indoor and outdoor use Waterpark Catapult 5 Waterpark Catapult The waterpark catapult can be used both indoor and outdoor, of which most setups of waterpark catapult are of course outdoor. America is without a doubt thé country of outdoor waterslides and waterparks. The WWA or World Waterpark Association estimates that there are more than 1,000 waterparks in America and about 600 in the rest of the world. The IAAPA or International Association of Amusement Parks estimates the total number of visitors of waterparks in the United States, Canada and Mexico at 78 million during high season. This number increases each year between 3 and 5%. The TEA or the Themed Entertainment Association is expecting the biggest growth of indoor water parks and theme parks in Eastern Europe. Russia and Poland are the biggest grow markets to indoor water parks with among others: Water Slides, Lazy rivers, Wave pools, etc. Waterpark Catapult 6 Waterpark Catapult For these indoor setups Airbock developed a shorter variant of the waterpark catapult.

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