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Imagine the feeling of being able to learn any freestyle trick you always wanted to learn and landing in a giant “cloud.” The AirBock airbag is THE reference in the freestyle world for safety and comfortable use. We love our business, and we want you to love us too! Therefore, we like to share our professional event experience with you and offer you our airbags either for sale or for rent.

We started to develop Airbags after the success story of our snowboard catapult. The snowboard catapult required a very reliable and very safe airbag for the landing. Because the Belgian-developed airbag is designed to simulate a real jump and landing, it’s the safest and most versatile in the market.

AirBock-Airbag-event-Solden AirBock-Airbag-event-Solden

Our AirBock freestyle airbag is designed and assembled by professional craftsmen in our factory in Belgium. We have a multi-language-speaking team ready for repairs and urgent installations across Europe 24/7.

We have engineered our airbags to create the safest and most realistic learning environment possible for our riders, freestylers, and free-fall jumpers. They are certified according to all European standards. With our outstanding and successful reputation of extreme event organizations and our diversified team, we have a lot of experts in many different areas of extreme sports, we have made our catapults and airbags the most exciting training tools on the market both for professional training and freestyle fun. indoor-climbing-wall-with-A


Safety. Fun. Spectacle. These are the commitments of our AirBock team. The AirBock freestyle airbag is designed and assembled in our factory in Belgium and is made with the highest-quality materials. It goes through rigorous quality controls during the assembly and manufacturing.

We make no compromises on the quality of the materials we use and use only the best PVC-coated fabrics available for the maximum possible impact force of the riders and gear. The AirBock safety airbag and the air release system assure that the riders come to a safe landing every time.

The AirBock freestyle airbag has two main airbags: The main landing airbag is the actual airbag you are landing on. It is inflated at low pressure so it will encapsulate you on impact. The main landing airbag is controlled and constantly regulated with an axial fan, which ensures a constant air supply. The main landing airbag has little or no overpressure, so when you touch it, it feels very, very soft, like touching a mega giant pillow. The second airbag is the safety airbag.

This airbag is inflated at high pressure and has two main functions. It assures the overall firm structure of the airbag and acts as a safety cushion so. Regardless what happens, the riders or jumpers will never hit the ground. The safety airbag is designed in such a way, that even if the main landing airbag is too soft, the riders or jumpers will never touch the ground because the safety airbag acts as a safety barrier and absorbs all the energy even if the main landing airbag would not be inflated. When a rider or a jumper is landing on the AirBock Freestyle Airbag, the main landing airbag is absorbing the most part of the impact energy by venting the air inside.


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