Your brand on the freestyle airbag

The AirBock airbags are like giant billboards. They are always in the center of attention in any event and are a unique branding tool because of their size, their uniqueness, and their visibility.

This is definitely THE billboard for premium brands. With our airbags, you always have the option to buy one off the shelf and choose one or our standard colors, but most of our customers buy a customized airbag. We also provide permanent or temporary branding on all our airbags. All our airbags come with several optional branding solutions:

Graffiti-style painting

Ted synthetic fabric for airbags

Flag fabric for the side banners Selecting the template paintbrush Screen printing Digital printing

PVC coat colors of your airbag

Printing ink for PVC Protective layer on the PVC substrate

Non yellowing additives

We may also combine any of the mentioned painting techniques.

Permanent Branding of the Airbag

The main landing airbag, the safety airbag, the safeguard tube, and the replaceable top sheet can be made from any color you want. We have a wide range of colors in stock. To print your logo or any drawing on the replaceable top sheet, we have several printing techniques.


Temporary Event Side Banners

In addition to the permanent branding of the airbag, we also have temporary event side banners, which are attached to the airbag using Velcro that is 5 cm wide and runs along the entire length of the freestyle airbag forming a square grid.

The Velcro of our the side banners helps position the side banners nicely without any folds. These banners are a lot more economical to produce, and airbags can be dressed up uniquely for every separate event. To print the side banners, we can use several different printing techniques.

18/03/2016: AirBock Extreme is opening the wakeboarding season


AirBock 2016 wakeboarding

We verhuren onze wakeboardboot per dag of per weekend. In 2015 hebben we weer verschillende vrijgezellenfeestjes en bedrijfsfeesten mogen organiseren op de Snepkaai.


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